In the Macau Art Museum, and then, also at Bloom

Macau Art Museum will inaugurate an Education Corner entitled "Robert Doisneau - The Past Recaptured", on the coming 12th of July, 6:30 pm.

French photographer Robert Doisneau spent most of his life in Paris. He was keen on capturing the daily life of the various social classes as well as the humourous, spontaneous moments in the streets and suburbs of Paris. His photograph "Le Baiser de l'Hôtel de Ville" (Kiss by the City Hall) (1950) is acknowledged as a classic image of love and romance.
Doisneau loved wandering in the streets, exploring bars and cafes and chatting with the customers, who did not mind his camera and were therefore compliant models. This wonderful relationship earned him the sobriquet "the Citizens"Photographer". the Interaction between Doisneau and his subjects helped him to capture the sophisticated nuance of reason and feeling. Every portrait is vivid yet natural, profound yet simple. Humanity and wit jump from his works.
(Text from MAM's newsletter)

The Education Corner on Doisneau's work will be available from July 13th until August 14th, 2007.

And if you wish to take home something from this photographic poet with you, why not come to Bloom too and take his photos in a book?

This book traces Doisneau's life and career, providing a wonderful introduction to the work of this seminal photographer.

Robert Doisneau, by Jean-Claude Gautrand
Taschen icons * ISBN:9784887832336


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