New at Apple isn't just the iMac, there is much more.
First is the new iLife 08. The package that includes photo, movie, music and web edition. It's a small piece of software that turns yourself easily into a multimedia expert. Mac software is so user friendly that just needs a second to get you started.
iPhoto automatically organizes your photo library and makes editing as easy as clicking your mouse. EVENTS is a new way of packing all your images in terms of storage and search, grouping your photos together. You can identify all your Events quickly by a name and poster photo (which is simple to change). It gets much more simple to find your best images and to print them into multi-output forms or to share them easily on the web. [WATCH VIDEO]
In addition you can use iMovies for video edition, completely redesigned to help you make movies in minutes and make a shortcut in time, working with video as intuitive as enjoying your photos. [WATCH VIDEO]
iWeb is just a great way to create your website exactly as you want and play your creations world wide at the top of your finger. [WATCH VIDEO]
Then comes Garage Band, your personal recording studio and a world apart. Music, podcasts and yourself on stage. Do I work for Apple? Is just what it seems. The truth is that we want to get into those toys. We want to have Apples at Bloom and turn your interactive experience as you never seen before. Why not to make a change and add an i to your life? [VIDEO FOR GARAGE BAND].
Don't forget to check the new online service, the .Mac Web Gallery, and the iDVD and you have the complete iFamily.

Ok, two more lines on the other update, the new iWork'08. Inside there's Keynote, for stunning cinema-quality presentations; there's Pages, the streamlined word processor for great publishing design; and the completly new Numbers, the revolutionary spreadsheet application from Mac. Try it! I assure you that your clients, your friends, your mom will be very proud, because your work will look much beauty fool™.

We'll keep informed about Apples at Bloom.


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