The PICNIC Green Challenge

The world needs to embrace a new greener lifestyle.
One bright idea can make a big difference.

The PICNIC Green Challenge calls on creative, innovative minds to come up with concrete solutions to fight climate change.
Anyone with a good idea for a product or service that reduces greenhouse gas emissions in a consumer-friendly way and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle is welcome to take part.
Each entry must be supported by a concrete plan to bring the idea to market within two years.
The entrant with the best idea will win €500,000, expert coaching, and a starting list of customers, so he or she can bring the invention to the marketplace within two years.

Send your idea and a concrete plan for realising it.
It's your chance to change the world - whoever you are!
The entry period closes on 30 August 2007.
The preliminary jury will then choose three to five finalists, who will present their ideas to the jury on 29 September during PICNIC'07. [FOLLOW THE LINK]


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