From Blagovesthensk with Love

Edictus Ridiculum's Guided Visit

Bloom * is organizing a guided visit to Konstantin Bessmertny’s Exhibition Edictus Ridiculum, this Saturday, August 3rd, at 5 pm. The Painter himself will lead the visit and will unveil bits of his world and of his creations. Through his own voice, we will travel across the vast imagiarium of his paintings, which lay underneath the glimmer and neons of this “Casino Republic”.

Enrolment is limited to 20 participants and can be done by writing to or by calling, or sending an SMS, to 66800024. The meeting point will be at the main door of the Macau Museum of Arts, at Macau Cultural Centre. The journey is free.

Konstantin Bessmertny was born in 1964 in Blagovesthensk, in ex-URSS and lives in Macau since 1993, where he drew his career as a professional artist. He has presented his works in countless exhibitions all over the world.
* With the support of +853 Cultural Association and Macau Arts Museum.


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