Exploited secrets of the world

The artwork of Konstatin Bessmertny is to be seen in detail. You have to dive inside his paintings and find safe shore where you can see the whole perspective. It is not an easy task, the view is full of components, points that unfold themselves into other elements building a story that is never complete. Mind can always flow towards the borders and draw another feature. An endless form of art that goes beyond its physical form, by soft strokes building a world of contrasts. Sometimes is only the excuse to force himself and seek a stream to find a unique path, faraway from the conventional, distant from the ordinary and the established. And on this motion creating conflict and questioning the real. The lunacy of the world with its handful of clowns and obtuse characters. The ridiculous edict.
Konstantin, for one hour and an half, tried to explain his concepts. Unveiling along the way what's beneath his art pieces, what makes them stand and what gives them the equilibrium and the power. The negative and the positive, the artificial and the genuine, light and dark, beauty and ugliness. Through the use of different technics and supports - canvas, pianos, violas, TVs, bricks, vases, fishes, etc. - we memorized his own experience and learned a lesson. Konstantin Bessmertny freezes moments from his imagination and we place them in the timeline of human species. They all take part in this roulette of winning and loosing. The act of being alive in the world of Casino Republic. The gamblers, the women, the secret agents, they all, as we do, swim in the same pool. We float on the awareness of Creation and splash around the whole perspective of the human race.
It was a great afternoon and a relevant experience to be part of it. A day to remember and to repeat again.
We would like to thank Konstantin Bessmertny and the Macao Museum of Art for this wonderful opportunity.



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