And there she was

I was not going to call her. All I wanted was to leave. Leaving for good. Speechless.
- Will you call me when you get there? Will you send me your number? Your address?
She was not getting it. She could not understand a bit of my heart. As she never did. I kept asking me "What took me so long?", "Why?". I could never tell. Was because of her beauty? Yes, she was astonishing beautiful. Was her care for me, her voice, the way she made love to me? Her body?
- I packed all your things. Your gun is on the red suitcase.
I was armed, we never know what comes next, so, as a precaution, I keep a gun in hand, just in case. I bought it in China Town and I use silver bullets on it. It might come a Werewolf just around the corner. We are not safe anywhere.
- Your car keys are on the side pocket of your jacket.
I have sold my car the week before. I guess what she was giving me was just what was left of it. A souvenir. I had an accident long time before and I almost crashed through her. That's how we met. I was taking the train now. One way ticket, to the far-off country. I was getting unreachable. That's where I was going.
- Bill? - She said.
I didn't want to look back. I didn't care anymore. I was not even listening. I tuned her by mistake. I was just about to leave. With my red suitcase on my left hand and my coat up into my arm. So long.
- Yes? - I said.
- Will you miss me?
That's how she used to do. But not this time. I turned myself and kissed her goodbye.
- Goodbye! - I heard myself saying. I was not even there anymore.
She was wearing a white shirt and some jeans. Nothing particular special. She was not wearing make-up. She was astonishing remarkable, as always. Her eyes were just like some little demons. I could not stand them. But I stood there just for one more second. Wholly for the last one. I breathed in, I breathed out. Nothing more.
- Will you miss me?
Inhale. Exhale. The lamps on her eyes turned me on. Where was I going? My suit fell out to the floor. "It's just a minute", I told to myself. "And that's it". No more!
- Will you?
I could not stand myself. The next minute I was kissing her madly. I was scratching out her blouse. Unbelting myself down. What was I doing? My God! I was repeating myself for the hundredth time. Would I care the minute after? Would I do it again? This endless leave. I just wanted to hold her. Doing everything with her in no time. The "after" would to be thought upon landing on me.
- No! - I said - I won't miss you for a damn second! - By that time we were barely naked and the Werewolf was not around. It was in me.


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